Monday, September 19, 2011

Keep It Simple

I read Rachelle's post about keeping it simple and her tendency to complicate things this morning. I do this all the time. It is what's been keeping me away from this space. I keep waiting to have the perfect photo or the great story to tell and that has me waiting and waiting and waiting and my voice begins to feel smaller and smaller and smaller. So instead of waiting for perfect and complicating the act to the point of silencing myself, I'm just going to jump in right here, right now. Keep it simple.

We had rain over the weekend, good drenching rainshowers and what was crunchy and sad is now a little greener, a little more supple. I'm thinking about planting some herbs for the Fall. I'm thinking thyme, rosemary, basil and flat-leaf parsley, lots and lots of flat-leaf parsley.

Max is marching with the entire 5th grade in the Howdy Night homecoming parade.

Frank has another staph infection. We keep moving forward, trying new things.

I am working on the long poem that was going to be my retreat project before the pinched nerve interfered. It has been difficult to let go of that vision of working on it in long stretches of time, but I am making progress in smaller doses.

September continues and the things that were once new become less so.

Sometimes the best you can do is show up and let yourself be seen.


  1. I read this somewhere recently, so I claim no ownership, but it stuck with me. That the key to success is simply (and I quote) "show up. do the work." I've really taken it to heart.

  2. I agree with that - and thanks for commenting!