Tuesday, September 20, 2011


As I heal, I find my morning walks are taking on a new intensity. I'm pushing myself a bit and I find myself longing to break into a run. It is a physical sensation, one I feel in my stomach and legs, a desire to just take off. But I am still healing and the last thing I want to do is jostle my spine in a way that might slow down my recovery or re-injure  me.

So I stick with walking and fight the urge to run.

That being said, I am enjoying my morning walks and relishing the strength I feel returning to my body.

This morning I came to a long stretch of street with the sun at my back and I watched my shadow striding along in front of me. I like to think of that shadow as the stronger, more confident me and I love the idea of her blazing a trail for me these days.

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