Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stay Tuned

I'm having some trouble writing this week. It's not writer's block. It's just a general inability to concentrate on much of anything for more than 10 minutes at a time. I feel restless, and edgy. Impatient.

This particular feeling is seasonal with me. (Although it's still really hot down here in Texas, the light is changing and our mornings are cooler.) It's an Autumn thing that's been with me for years. Nothing to be done but to ride it out.

So, go write something wonderful on your own blog…


  1. Hmmm...this sounds familiar...kind like what I've been doing the past few weeks!

    We'll be waiting for your return.

    And, oh yeah--I'll get right on that writing something wonderful...


  2. Thanks Karen. Knowing that it's seasonal and that it will eventually pass helps but I tell you, I am truly out of whack these days...

  3. ...naw, I'd rather come visit you over here than work.

    I hadn't been by in a few days, so now I'm caught up!

    Happy nose news, yay. (Trying not to yell YAY!!!! cuz i'm superstitious, so... yay.)

  4. Hey Nancy! I've been in my seasonal funk and am behind on my internet visits - hope all's well in your world.

    Thanks for the lower case yay. I'm cautiously optimistic.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. *Not waving but drowning*

    Well, waving, too. All of a sudden it's like a big hand stirred up my calm little puddle with a stick. Things are all swirly and cloudy and murky and unsettled. :/

    I am a real slob, but somehow I'm feeling that cleaning and tidying will help center me again. I want to see some clear surfaces around here.

    Laura, I hope your seasonal feeling passes in time to enjoy some October! It's my favorite month! I am determined to stop wasting time and enjoy it!! After I vacuum this floor ...

  6. Oh, if only I could get enthusiastic about cleaning my dusty house! We have company coming in a couple of weeks. An old friend of Lefty's from college and I'm sure he won't judge me about my housecleaning (or lack thereof) but I'm a wee bit obsessed that we at least try to spiff up our surroundings...