Friday, October 3, 2008

Some People

Some people get haircuts when they're in a rut - I obviously mess around with my blog template.


  1. Oh, Mrs. G! I hope you don't think I was implying that you are in a rut, because you are serving up the funny all over the place over at The Manor...

    And your lovely new do does not look like an act of desperation which this retool definitely was.

    I just couldn't look at the old template anymore. It was driving me crazy.

  2. With me, I go off to a craft store and buy way more supplies than I can afford (or even use).

  3. I have been known to buy yarn too...

  4. My blog is a mess. All cluttered and disorganized and links that go nowhere. I have some serious blog maintenance ahead of me.

    Your looks all fresh and clean. Like just-washed laundry snapping in the breeze ...

    I feel a blog-purge coming on ...

  5. Thanks. I'd like to do something else with the banner but I'm too distracted by all my autumn malaise right now...

  6. Autumn Malaise - there's a blog post title if I ever heard one! I'm in the doldrums too. Vintage Girl's seventh b-day and other traumas along w/the gray weather . . .

    Each year I determine I'll get through it w/out meds (other than wine and chocolate of course).

    Almost everyone I know takes medicine to cope; do you find that to be true?

  7. I do know a lot of people who take antidepressants. I've seen them turn people's lives completely around.

    My malaise is connected to the change of season. If this feeling lasted for more than a week or two, I would need help too. (Though I'm a great believer in wine & chocolate!)

    Just knowing that it is temporary helps immensely. Plus, I usually have a nice burst of creativity on the other side...

    I hope your clouds lift soon. I think seven is a great age - enjoy it!