Saturday, September 27, 2008

It’s a Small Internet After All

So, today was "bring a buddy and break a board day" at the karate school. We brought The Kid's best friend Trip along. (Trip's parents are newly-divorced and the preparations were a mine field of being sure to get permission from both parents and then the coordinating of who would be where when, drop off by one parent and pick up by another, trying to be aware of everyone's feelings and be respectful of their situation was a little exhausting and made me appreciate the simplicity of our little family.)

Anyway, we were sitting in the karate school and I recognized a little girl - not a karate school regular. I was trying to figure out where I might know her from when it dawned on me. Why, that's Big Mama's daughter and there sitting across the room is Big Mama herself!

Now before you go clicking over there you should know, Big Mama and I do not have much in common. She is waaay younger than me and sort of famous for her fashion advice. I'm quite certain she's much more conservative politically. That being said, she's a SAHM with one child and that is a lot to have in common, church affiliations and political parties aside.

I knew she lived in this part of town. I instantly recognized her description of "the pool" not the Trinity pool where we swim, but the fancier neighborhood pool and I think we shop at the same grocery store. I read her blog, despite our obvious differences, because she is self-deprecating and laugh out loud funny sometimes. I enjoy reading San Antonio bloggers – it's geographic loyalty.

This is the first time I've run into someone I know exclusively from the blogosphere. It's weird, to sort of know someone in here but not know them at all out there in the real world. What's the etiquette? I don't comment on her blog, so she doesn't know me from the internet, but a fellow blogger (!), how could I NOT say hi?

I eventually went over and introduced myself, said, I read your blog, complimented her very cute child. She was gracious and did not seem at all alarmed at being approached by a stranger at the karate school.

Oh, and Trip broke his board on the first try and The Kid broke his with a solid and confident slide up side kick and then there was half an hour of getting shoes on and tied and then we took The Kid and Trip out to lunch. Oh, and there was ice cream. Not too bad for a Saturday.


  1. That sounds like you two had a lovely encounter. :)

    Ohhh. I'm having trouble, the day after the debate, being civil to anyone who doesn't share every opinion I have. And I have a lot.

    At the Xcountry meet today, one of really nice moms, whom I have known since her boys and mine were in elementary school, sat and talked with me. I know that their family is very conservative. We talked some about the economy, and I didn't blame it on her directly, so I considered the whole conversation a success.

    If peace begins with me, I need to start being a lot less judgmental.

    And when the kids get along so swimmingly, isn't there a lesson for me there?

  2. I've never had that kind of thing happen with a fellow blogger, but I agree it sounds like it was perfectly nice.

    Laura above made me laugh out loud; I'm considering quizzing everyone I meet about the politics before I allow them near my family.

  3. I'm so glad you introduced yourself to me. It makes the blogosphere seems a little bit closer to home.

  4. I've been consciously trying to not demonize folks who disagree with me politically for The Kid's sake - while making it very clear what we believe and why.

  5. How very cool-I love when the world feels a little bit smaller.

    Awesome board!

  6. So far I haven't run into ANY bloggers here in town. I've had to literally make appointments with the ones who live out near Dallas, but my specific town has very few to none. And none of them have kids who are the same age as mine. I read Big Mama, too, though I have very little in common with her. We hail from the same collegiate alma mater (I'm older, naturally) and our religious and political beliefs are quite polar. That said, she retains a sense of humor and I can appreciate it.

  7. How far are you from Dallas? We are planning a trip to D/FW sometime in the next couple of months, maybe we could have a cup of coffee or something?

    I, rather childishly, have my feelings hurt that she did not mention meeting me on her blog. I guess I think I'm more of a rockstar than I actually am...

  8. That is so cool! I haven't found any bloggers from Columbia Maryland, so I don't think I'll be running into anyone soon...maybe I should head over to San Antonio and start lurking?!