Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our Own Version of Numb3rs

I've still got the blues or maybe the beginnings of a sinus infection (I'm not sure which). I continue to be out of whack and floundering.

The Kid got a haircut, or actually just a trim since he's decided to grow the length out.



I'm happy to leave his hair a little shaggy.

Lefty & The Kid built a castle for their Lego minifigs to storm and defend.

I knit and knit (Lefty's sock and a Christmas gift for my sister that's going to be - I think - beautiful) and felt sort of groggy and out of sorts except when I was high on decongestant and then I was anxious and out of sorts. This malaise is hanging on longer than I expected and I am ready to wake up tomorrow morning and have my energy back. It could happen, right?

We had a very math intensive weekend with The Kid making up more and more complicated math problems and Lefty showing him how to solve them.

Yes, we are the most geeky family on the planet.

Here's just a bit of how things went – this from the tail end of last night's dinner.

Dinner Math from Laura on Vimeo.


  1. Hahaha! Oh, That Kid, he's adorable! And -- pow! pow! Numbers destroying each other! That totally freaks me out!!

    Where was Lefty when I was trying to find my way through high school math? Oh, right. Junior High. Elementary school? See? my math is REALLY bad ...

  2. All things math totally freak me out... I barely escaped high school algebra. The Kid loooves math and I guess we're lucky to have Lefty around to explain things!

    I hope you had a nice weekend, Laura.

  3. I might have learned math well if Lefty had taught me-the sound effects alone would have helped.

  4. Well, he's a natural born teacher (as I suspect you may be yourself)sound effects and all!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend...

  5. I wish your husband could have taught me math. Perhaps I wouldn't be so scarred now.

  6. I gave up on math very early on. Now, I wonder what might have been if I hadn't had such lackluster teachers?

  7. Sorry you're still in a funk. I had a tough week last week and I seem to be snapping out of it this week, so I send you snapping vibes . . .

  8. Thanks! I'll take all the snapping vibes I can get.

  9. When we come over for Math Dinner? We have the same love affair with number manipulation as you guys do, so nice to know I'm not alone :) I'm kin to a woman with super cool taste in socks ♥

  10. "It gets even better!"

    I love this. It does get better, every single day :)