Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hobbled and Healing

I pulled a muscle in karate class yesterday. I took a step back, rolled a little onto the side of my foot and something went twang! and I've been limping ever since. I spent most of yesterday doing the very-elderly-lady shuffle – small, short steps, no striding down the sidewalk, no sprinting to answer the phone.

It's feeling better today but I'm still moving gingerly, visiting with my friend the heating pad, giving my leg some time to heal.

As you probably noticed, there was no Project Arse update yesterday. I am officially dropping out of the 5k Ass Project (gasp). Here are my two primary reasons: I'm bored with the pictures of my rear end and I'm no longer trying to change or shrink my dear old arse. Frankly, I like it just the way it is. I'm walking and studying karate in order to feel good, to make myself happy, not for the purpose of butt shrinking.

A million years ago, a boy, a summer romance, said something romantic and sexy about my ass. He said that I had the kind of ass he'd like to see walking from the bed to the bathroom every morning. (Thank you, Brad Herron, wherever you are!) We were teenagers and it was true, my ass was stunning.

I remembered this the other day and decided, I am happy with the ass I'm walking around with today. I like the way it moves me through my days and nights, providing a soft place to sit, cushioning falls and balancing me as I gallop (or hobble) through my life. I'm fine with it as is.

I may start posting photographs of things other than my butt on Wednesdays. While alternating ice and heat on my leg yesterday, I started reading my camera manual and I think it would be fun to sharpen my camera skills, focus my eyes a bit more on the world around me.

What I find myself thinking and writing about these days is the creative process and how we find time to do whatever creative thing we're called to in the midst of an average day, an ordinary life. That's the conversation I'm interested in having.


  1. There should be some sort of way to pay homage to the stunning asses of our youth. I think it is good to be happy with the ass you've got. The three inch heel ass of my teen years has been traded in for the comfy clog ass of my thirties and I'm glad!!

  2. Hey Boots. Let's hear it for comfy clog asses!!

    Thanks for stopping by over here in comment-land. I've missed you.

  3. I started one of those 365 blogs to remind myself of 365 reasons to love me, physically. Putting the Ass pictures up just helps drive home my acceptance of another piece of the package :) Mayhap you can find weekly parts of you to cherish and share with us :)

  4. I love this post, Laura. :)

    Hahamommy said: "Mayhap you can find weekly parts of you to cherish and share with us :)"

    I like that. Katydidnot did a post of pics like that a while back. I thought it was a great idea, and appreciating the body we have and how it has carried us this far, seems like something we could all do.

    Maybe that's the key to looking after our bodies: not trying to whip it or ridicule it into shape, but cherishing our body and taking care of it, respecting it. I'm giving it a try, you know. :)

    Hey, good luck with the camera! When I read my manual, the words swim before my eyes and in my head. I am a terrible photographer, and I am just not motivated to get better. :(
    I'll count on you to give me tips now and then. ("Take the lens cap off, Laura.")

  5. My mid-life butt is more fit and trim than my teenage butt by far, but I still won't be posting pics of it anytime soon!

    I feel your pain, Laura. I'm a bundle of aches and creaks these days; I suspect I need new exercise shoes, among other things . . .

  6. Thanks you'all. The idea of posting assorted body parts cracked me up and I had images of earlobe and elbow pictures...

    Laura, I only take good photographs by accident. I'll take 100 shots and there will be 2 or 3 that accidently look kind of cool. I'm hoping that reading and learning more about my camera will up my percentage a bit!

  7. I'm so glad you came to this realization about your still-lovely ass. I almost wrote a blog entry about the ass project (and perhaps still will), sort of the anti-ass project. Wouldn't it be fabulous if we competely stopped criticizing our body parts? If we moved and ate based on how it makes us feel, rather than how it makes us look? I really wonder what would happen if we totally removed body dissatisfaction from our list of acceptable topics. Okay, I really won't write a blog within your comments!

    That sucks about the pulled muscle--though I'm excited at the thought of you posting more pics. Excellent post!

  8. I am leaving extremely inappropriate comments ALL over the internet, so I will not say anything here about my ass or yours.

    OK just one comment -- nice ass!!!