Friday, September 19, 2008

Something Amazing and Full of Hope

Take seven minutes and fourteen seconds to watch this.

Now, I dare you to not feel better about the world.


  1. That was amazing! It would make a beautiful chidren's book -- the bold images of the yellow umbrella, the bubbles and flowers and messages. How inspiring!

    Are you going to send a poem? Or a sock? ;)

    Did you see the one Zenmomma posted a while back about "Free Hugs"? Same connecting people idea:

  2. Yeah. The whole idea has sort of blown the top of my head off. I'm going to send something, maybe a sock, maybe a poem... What would YOU send?

    After watching this I thought "this is how we change the world."

    Sending good luck to Jesse tomorrow.

  3. Just...wonderful. I'm not quite sobbing, but I have quiet tears in my eyes. There's a lesson here. I'm sending this to my sons at college. They need to see this. Thank you!

  4. All sniffly and teary-eyed...I LOVE this stuff!!

  5. Thanks. My seven year old son loved it (except for the kissing) and wants to send a drawing for the project/movie.

    I'm still sort of thunder-struck at how powerfully this hit me.

  6. Thank you!! I was totally weepy. Love this.