Monday, September 15, 2008

2nd Pair of Socks

We prepared like crazy for Hurricane Ike. Given it's size, we knew that even this far inland we could be in trouble. But that last minute jog to the north took it completely off our radar screen. We barely had a sprinkle of rain on Saturday.

I'm counting my blessings and my heart goes out to the folks who weren't so lucky.

We stayed at home for most of the weekend and I finished my second pair of socks – this pair for The Kid – and immediately started the next pair for Lefty. I am hopelessly addicted to knitting socks.

I'm still experiencing the dregs of the viral thing I caught last week. My head feels like it's stuffed with something soft and fluffy, maybe cat hair or dryer lint.


  1. nice socks on some cute legs! I've always heard socks were difficult. Those tiny little needles intimidate me as I have meaty, clumsy peasant hands.

  2. Thanks! I have those big clumsy hands too. I can't tell you how many times I dropped these socks mid stitch and sent needles flying, yarn rolling under the couch. Knitting has helped me improve my list of creative swear

    Thanks to Center Down Home Laura's recent chicken posts, I said "oh chicken!" all weekend.

  3. "Thanks to Center Down Home Laura's recent chicken posts, I said "oh chicken!" all weekend."

    Meredith: "Mom, you have THREE posts about those chickens."

    Okay, I went a little overboard with the chicken-thing. :)

    You and your socks and kate5kiwis and her aprons. Together, you could work up really nifty ensemble. They'd be clamouring for you in Milan!

    I think I might like knitting. Except, I guess I would feel guilty that I wasn't drawing.

    They are beautiful socks. Forest green?

  4. Yes! The Kid picked out the yarn himself - he loves green.

    When I'm knitting, I feel guilty that I'm not writing.

  5. I'm working through my yarn stash this fall, trying to make quick gifts. So far, I have one scarf finished, and one baby hat I need to finish before baby's head gets too big!

  6. there a possibility of future etsy sales?