Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Projec Arse Week Four

I know I said no more plaid, but we're off to the Leonardo exhibit at the Witte today and I wanted to wear my lemon lime shorts no matter how they make my butt look.

I did a bit more walking this week but managed to hurt my calf muscles and had to take a day or two off to let them recover. This is my standard m.o. with exercise - I get all gung ho and push myself (like I'm thirty) and wind up sore and hobbled because my body has not forgotten that it's forty six.

May the force be with your arse!


  1. Yep, slow and steady. Those pants do not make your ass look big-they make it look cheerful.

  2. heh heh heh heh heh -- "May the force be with your arse!" heh heh.

  3. You are NOT sporting a color-coordinated Bionicle with those plaid shorts which-do-not-make-your-arse-look-big! Get outta here!

    My arse can't compete. We are taking our toys and going home. Your arse rules!