Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer’s End

Our summer is down to it's final days and we are busy doing the last few things on our summer list before the start of school on Monday.

We saw the animated Star Wars movie, The Clone Wars. (We've seen more movies this summer than we've seen in The Kid's entire life!) The Kid loved it and Lefty and I liked it too. It got some scathing reviews in the local media but I think as long as you go in with appropriate expectations (it's a cartoon, you know) it's a fun movie. We've watched all of the Star Wars movies this summer and have been reading the serialized YA novels for quite some time. Obi Wan Kenobi is sort of like a member of the family and Anakin is that black sheep cousin we can't help but love.

I made ribs for dinner on Saturday. We are a rib loving family and I promised I'd make them again before summer was over. My apologies to my vegetarian pals. I hope you can forgive me for my carnivorous ways.

We got our first pet. We have never had a pet - for a handful of really good reasons but our babysitting of The Kid's class hamster last year convinced him that he wanted a hamster of his own. Meet Albert Einstein – mostly we just call him Albert. He's a very friendly dwarf hamster, about the size of a fuzzy golf ball. (Sorry for the blurry photo – the darn thing would not be still, no matter how nicely I asked.)

What are your plans for finishing off the summer?


  1. Albert is a little, fuzzy doll.

    I can't tell you how popular ribs and Star Wars are in our house.

  2. No apologies necessary for the meat-eating. I loves me some ribs even while I admire how cute (and un-appetizing) Albert is.

  3. Okay, coming right after the ribs picture, I thought to myself, "Why would they let a mouse sit in a bowl of salad?"

    Then I read the rest of your post.


    We saw the Star Wars movie this weekend too. And OMG, I fell asleep! Fortunately, I had one lucid moment to relate as my "favorite" for the boys afterward.

  4. Swear to God, I thought you were going to start talking about BBQ hamster. Don't scare me!

  5. Okay, I see how the juxtaposition of photos and text might be confusing...

    but let me assure everyone, we would NEVER EAT OUR HAMSTER!

    We love Albert with a fierce and mighty love already and would never ever eat him.

  6. Not even if we were really really hungry!