Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Kid and the Witte Museum

We went to the Witte Museum last week. (Remember, I wore my lemon lime shorts that internet loves?) We wanted to see the Genius of Leonardo exhibit before it disappears early in September. The Kid has a soft spot for inventors and a even softer spot for geniuses and we'd all been looking forward to it for most of the summer.

Now, historically, given our level of anticipation, there would be some major or minor semi-catastrophic event, personal injury or planning snafu that we would have to struggle through and someone would wind up in tears. But that is not what happened – we had fun.

The Kid enjoyed the hands-on nature of the exhibit.

It reawaken his own desire to create contraptions and inventions.

We created a domed arch in the "workshop".

Afterwards, I tried to steer the guys toward one of my favorite burger places but alas,

they were insistent that they must have pancakes for lunch. Majority ruled.

Here's the very best part. The Kid rode on the skybike which is easily 40 feet off the ground. As we stood in line and I watched the kid in front of us struggle, I tried to talk him out of it. I was certain that he would freeze and would have to be rescued by the attendant and then be upset. He was determined to do it and I was forced to stow all my fear in my back pocket as he marched up the stairs and climbed on. This child, this child is making a habit of proving his over-protective mama wrong.

Tke Kid on the Skybike from Laura on Vimeo.

He is awesome.


  1. Look at that! So is the budding genius-inventor designing one of those for the backyard now? Or, maybe that experience gave him some ideas about solving our dependence on foreign oil?

  2. Ha! I think he's trying to figure out how to build a transporter so he can just zap from place to place...

    He's staring second grade tomorrow - I can hardly believe it.

  3. He really is awesome, Laura, an so lucky to have two such loving parents. What would the world be like if every child was shown that kind of love? Happy first day of second grade!

  4. Thanks, Laura. We're really the lucky ones to have such a kid.

    He had a great first day of school!