Friday, April 4, 2008

Dead Armadillo

I walked Lefty into his office this morning and we went across the hall to his lab. He showed me how some of his experiments are going. Then he opened the freezer next to me and said, "Look. Here's that armadillo I told you about." And there it was a smallish frozen armadillo. (One of his colleagues does research with small mammals.) I grew up in Texas and have seen armadillos before, they are freaky looking things and this one was creepier than most. I would share, but I didn't have my camera with me. Darn. Then he held out a plate and said "Smell this." I said, "No, and I will not pull your finger either."

On a completely different note - I quit drinking coffee this week. (Gasp!) It no longer makes me happy. But tonight I am doing something that makes me really happy. Do you want to guess?


  1. Ha! Good for you for holding your ground on avoiding what are clearly going to be unsavory smells.

    No coffee? Gasp. Hmmm...what are you doing tonight that makes you happy? Making out with Lefty?

  2. I was thinking either sex or poetry...and no coffee? I'm trying to imagine that, but my creative abilities are failing me...

  3. Late to this -- found it while scrolling through your blog. :)

    Have you read "A Prayer for Owen Meany"? The armadillo made me think of that book ...