Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lefty the Magnificent

Lefty took his microbiology dog and pony show on the road today to The Kid's old preschool, where he wowed the Older 4's class with a microscope and funky bacteria that smells like poo. Yes, he let them smell it, but they made him smell it first!

He also took along some bioluminescent bacteria that glows in the dark. Unfortunately, even with the blinds closed, the classroom wasn't dark enough to really see the glow. So, Lefty, ever resourceful, took 15 four year olds into the tiny bathroom where it was dark enough to see the glow in all its eerie glory.

The kids loved him and it lifted something elemental in Lefty's spirit. You could see it in his eyes.

This, combined with something Karen said in the comments of my last post "We need to put ourselves out there" as artists, not should, not must, but need, made me rethink an answer I gave a few months ago. When the same preschool teacher asked if I would come and talk about poetry to her class. I stalled, never giving her an answer because the idea scared me a lot little. Tomorrow I'm calling her to set up a date to come in and read to her class and talk about poetry, because I need to put myself out there.

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  1. Can you hear me applauding from Maryland? This is wonderful for both you and the preschoolers! And you can count on me clicking the poetry sidebar! Way to go, Laura!