Monday, February 18, 2008

President’s Day

I've always thought that anyone who actually wants to be president must be crazy. A thankless job, I believe. An entire nation criticizing your every decision, having to decide whether or not to send someone else's son/daughter/father/mother into harm's way, all those formal, boring state dinners, and being constantly surrounded by reporters so that you could not even once drink too much and dance on the table. No, thanks. I think we should force someone to be president against their will, some infinitely wise person who has the good sense not to want the job. Someone like Bill Moyers.

That being said, today is a school holiday and The Kid has been hanging out with me which means the usual rhythm of reading and writing here at the desk has been skewed. I didn't expect to get too much done today anyway. We had a nice morning, played some Uno, learned many fascinating facts about deserts of the world and went out to lunch. The Kid is really becoming as avid a people watcher as I am, and I just love hanging out with him. We came home and all was well but then The Kid did something that completely and totally freaked me out.

He took a nap.

Yes, my seven year old child lay down on his bed and slept for about 45 minutes. This, says the fair Boots who is my go to girl in all matters of child behavior, is not a good sign. He surely must be getting sick. Even now, he's sticking close to the couch playing a video game. No fever. We went for a walk. He played Toon Town, I knit. Pretty standard afternoon stuff around here. Should I be worried? Should I assume that vomiting is on it's merry way? He says he's fine and that nothing hurts, but he seems tired, a little off.

Other than this little worry, we've had a rather nice day together.


  1. I hope he's fine today. In my house, a nap is a precursor to illness 99.9% of the time. I hope he was just sleepy.

  2. So far so good. No fever or vomiting, in fact, he's really annoyed with me asking him if he's feeling okay so that must be a good sign.

    Could it be he was just...sleepy?