Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Voted Today

Lefty and I voted this morning. We have early voting here in Texas which is the most awesome way to vote ever. We breezed in, stood behind two other people and were back out in the gray soggy morning in a matter of minutes. (The precinct worker accidentally put my label and signature on the sheet of the political party of which I am not and never will be a member. She chased me out into the parking lot and I had to go back in and sign the right sheet. It was very exciting and I joked that she had to tear that other sheet up right this minute before my mom found out.)

I like voting. I enjoy the feeling of doing my civic duty, of being a good citizen. It makes me feel that I'm part of something larger than myself, the greater good, our country with a capital c. There's a camaraderie in the polling place, oh here we are making decisions for our nation, standing together in this little room that smells like coffee and socks.

The Kid is asking a lot of questions about politics these days and I'm trying to answer his questions in an honest, well-balanced way. I have long felt it a waste of energy to demonize the political party I am not a member of and the politicians of that party who I strongly disagree with. It uses up so much energy to actively hate an elected official. I try to think empathetically. Poor guy, not very good at his job and over his head… I share my political beliefs with The Kid but I also tell him there are people who very strongly disagree with me. That is what makes (wait for it, cause you knew that it was coming) our country great - that we all go into the little room that smells like coffee and socks and make our voices heard.

I'm looking forward to November with a lot of hope.


  1. Voting makes me happy, too! And what's even more fun--getting your kid excited about voting, too. Nathan is not quite five, and he LOVES voting time.

  2. Yea. Give me a big dose of hope in the morning any day...

    The Kid would have loved to go with me, but he was in school. In November we'll go early enough so he can come too. This will be the first presidential election that he will remember!

  3. Good for you. I think it's great that your Kids are asking questions, and it sounds like you've got an AWESOME handle on responses.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Thanks, Minnie. A great weekend to you too!