Monday, November 19, 2007

Mashed Potato Monday

I spent the morning in The Kid's classroom helping them mash potatoes for the Thanksgiving Feast tomorrow. It was a blast and the kids really got into mashing the potatoes. Six year olds have some mean upper body strength. We made enough mashed potatoes to feed the entire first grade. This could easily have been a disaster, but it wasn't at all. I have great respect for Mrs. P and her willingness to let the kids really get their little hands dirty, get down there and smash those potatoes.

There were two other moms there to help. I've been around enough moms to not be surprised at the mom who kept taking the bowl of potatoes away from the kids because they "weren't doing it right". She'd grab the bowl and masher and mash away until Mrs. P would come rescue the bowl of potatoes and return it to the child. This happened more than three times. Huh?

We have a saying in our house, "Most things in life do not have to be perfect". I think this certainly applies to mashed potatoes made by first graders.

And in other news, although it's been more than 75 days since I had a period (hello there early menopause symptoms) I am convinced a period is on the horizon. Last night I just got very frustrated and overwhelmed while making sandwiches (yes, sandwiches!) for dinner and started to cry. The Kid, in all his wisdom, came into the kitchen and gave me a hug and said "Don't cry mom. For gosh sake, it's just a sandwich."

Tomorrow is the Turkey Trot, where my precious boy will run four laps (1/2 mile) around the school gym. I'll try and get a picture.


  1. I can't think of much I'd rather do than make mashed potatoes with room full of 1st graders. What fun. I hope the Turkey Trot is fun.

  2. The mashed potatoes sound fun - the Robo Mom does not. Geesh!

    Don't you love how smart kids are?