Sunday, November 18, 2007


My sister is preparing to fly across the country tomorrow with her husband and her three children to spend Thanksgiving with her in-laws even though the last time she made the trip they were stuck overnight in the Atlanta airport without their baggage and their youngest had to wear an airplane blanket home. She is brave that way. I mean, statistically the chances are pretty low of that happening again, right?

But this is not the craziest thing about her trip. This is: She is cooking Thanksgiving dinner for eleven people… in a hotel room. They are staying at a Residence Inn and she's cooking dinner in the tiny suite kitchen there because her in-laws are elderly and have a tiny kitchen and a low threshold for chaos. I think she's actually looking forward to it. Proof, I say, that when they handed out the crazy, my family went back for seconds and maybe thirds.

We, on the other hand are planning a very mellow Thanksgiving. There will be more about that later this week.

We spent most of the day close to home. Lefty was up till 3am grading exams last night and The Kid is on the good side of a case of conjunctivitis so we hung out, played Sorry, and this afternoon we went for a walk.

Which led to this unprovoked sidewalk attack.

Which led to a kiddie scoop of rocky road ice cream.

Which was a pretty cool thing after all.


  1. My younger son has conjunctivitis right now. The eyedrops are a killer!

  2. This is how we do eyedrops. The Kid lays flat on his back and I drop the drops into the corner of his eye (instead of the eyeball) then we tilt his head to the side and let the drop run into his eye. This makes the eyedrops a little less threatening and keeps me from losing my mind three times a day. The Kid is better today. I hope your kid is better too.