Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oh, What Plans I Had

I had such awesome plans for today. Oh, the work I was going to do - the checklist and preparations for Thanksgiving! I was going to have a cup of coffee and go through my recipes, make sure I had all I need on hand. The morning was going to be productive and relaxing. Can you see where this is going?

The Kid woke up this morning with HEAD LICE. Yes, the dread head lice. We knew a case had been floating around his class and he had a healthy head check just a few days ago. But there was no mistaking things this morning. Poor thing tried to eat his breakfast while Lefty and I poked around on his head.

I called the school nurse and she suggested treating him this morning , then bringing him in for her to check before he returned to the classroom. Getting to school by 10:30 was imperative for today was The Kid's debut in his class's readers theater. He had two lines in the Story of Thanksgiving and didn't want to miss it.

So, we fly down to the drugstore and buy petrochemicals and believe it or not, I spent half an hour rubbing oily pesticides into my precious child's hair. Wait ten minutes. Wash. Comb the nasty little bugs out of The Kid's (thankfully short these days) hair. I will not tell you how many we thwacked onto a sheet of paper on the table. Another rinse, and he was off to school where we, thankfully passed the nurse's inspection – although she pointed out a nit or two we missed and I'm sure we'll spend some time tomorrow with the little blue comb.

The Kid, by the way, was pretty cooperative, except to be annoyed about the hair pulling that went along with the combing process. He played his Nintendo DS the whole time which amounted to a whole chunk of extra screen time, which is a plus in his book. He is happily not distressed by the bugs. We explained, it's just like catching a cold, not your fault. He waltzed into the classroom and announced, "Well, I got head lice!"

Oh, and thanks for asking, he was excellent in the reader's theater and finished the Turkey Trot Fun Run in respectable time.

Lefty even ran the last lap with him.

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  1. Well thank the god of good things that he recently cut his hair. Can you imagine the search and destroy process when he had those long locks.

    I'm going to go now and itch furiously.