Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So, Lefty is at this very moment having his USDA job interview.

I am at home with my tweaked (new router and various other hardware-ish things) internet and digital phone service, having hot flashes and worrying about what will happen if they offer him the job, in between worrying about what will happen if they don’t offer him the job.

I’ve expressed my ambivalence before. On the one hand, more money, Pennsylvania, four different seasons, maybe some snow, friends in the area whom we dearly love.

On the other hand, moving, The Kid having to change schools in the middle of the year, moving, working for the government, moving, moving, moving.

And the crazy thing (as if it were not clear to you already what the crazy thing is) is that this is all one hundred percent hypothetical at this point.

Lefty had been the primary breadwinner (except in grad school) for our family. My job (which today consists of taking The Kid to school, going for a bike ride, washing my hair, whining about hypotheticals on the internet, contemplating several different cookie recipes, writing or a least sitting here thinking about writing for a few hours, volunteering in The Kid’s classroom, bringing The Kid home from school, fixing snack, helping with homework, carting The Kid off to karate, trying not to poke the new karate instructor’s eyes out with knitting needles because he is so incredibly obnoxious, making dinner, putting The Kid to bed, try to imitate Lefty’s Hagrid voice while reading Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix, washing dishes, folding clothes and drinking one very large glass of wine) is the kind of job I can do anywhere. It is important to our family that Lefty be happy with what he’s doing for a living and if this job is want he wants, then I hope he gets it.

So, just in case, please start saving boxes for us. We may be needing a lot of boxes.


  1. Moving absolutely sucks, but having moved a number of times (7) since 1989, I can say that each moves brings its own special blessings.

    Just make sure you label your boxes - really well!