Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Digital Corrupts Absolutely

I may or may not get to post this.

Our internet and digital phone are on the fritz – on one minute and then 2 hours of nothing. The tech guy says we have a disintegrating signal – sounds serious, huh? So a white repair van is scheduled to appear sometime between now and the next three hours…

I haven’t had a single complaint since we bundled up our cable, phone and ISP with Time Warner. Their customer service is wonderful and that goes a long way with me. When we get the bill, it’s big, but it’s only one big bill. I’m happy to pay it, thinking of the TV we’ll watch, the people we’ll talk to and all the internet fun we’ll have.

But this morning, after heating up my cell phone while talking to the tech, (really, you could fry an egg on the faceplate) I kind of regretted having the phone and the computer so closely intertwined. With no email, no phone, The Kid in school and Lefty flying somewhere between here and Philadelphia, I felt pretty anxious and cut off.

There’s always the cell phone but I really don’t trust my cell phone. It’s very picky about signal strength, a delicate little cell phone flower…

There will be more unless my signal crumbles like... something that crumbles a lot. Stay tuned.

1 comment:

  1. Crumbles like a cookie...like bleu cheese?

    Is DH going to another interview? Good luck with that, if it's what you want.

    At least you have your cell phone; I misplaced mine about two weeks ago, after using it to talk to the pediatrician. I think it's lost in a pile somewhere.