Thursday, November 15, 2007

Are You With Me So Far?

Wow. Halfway through NaBloPoMo already. I think I like posting everyday. It’s a pretty decent writing practice. I wonder how many people do NaBloPoMo and then just keep posting every day?

Driving The Kid to school this morning, he suggested that I write about Lefty’s imminent return today and far be it from me to not take the advice of my dear child. Lefty flies back today. He spent the night with his dearest oldest friend, P. (Dear P, Fix your shower already!) They had some fun, played some guitar and most certainly reminded Lefty of why he would want to live within driving distance of Philadelphia.

The interview went well. Lefty’s talk went well. The guy gives damn good interview – the last job search, he was offered every single job he interviewed for. Yes, he’s that good. Although he thinks they are looking for someone with a different kind of research experience. Now, we wait.

Sometimes I get a feeling about these things. I just knew that he’d be offered the job he’s in now, felt it in my gut. I don’t really have a feeling about this one, so yesterday I called my intuitive sister and then my intuitive mother and asked, “Do you have a feeling?” Neither of them did, although my sister says she’s getting a buzz of something’s going to change in the air. Strangely enough, my sister and I both had dreams of being pregnant last week (her tubes are firmly tied and I’m so far into, albeit early, menopause my tampons are covered in dust).

So Lefty is, at this moment, winging his way home. We’ll head to the airport after school. I’m making spaghetti and meatballs to celebrate. The Kid and I missed him a lot. I think married people should often spend a day or two away from each other. It always reminds me of how lucky I am.

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