Sunday, September 9, 2007

My Glasses

I’ve had glasses for reading since I was in my twenties. I wore them for intensive reading and extended computer work. I also wore them for social gatherings and meetings where I felt a little intimidated. I always felt a little smarter, a little safer with them on. Basically, I wore them whenever I wanted to.

However, during the last six months, I found myself increasingly needing them for seeing things around the house. Small print is getting harder for me to read without them. Then on Tuesday I left the house without them and had to muddle through a day of work, straining not only to focus the computer screen but every document I touched. The farther away I held things, the easier they were to see but my arms are not quite long enough (though our karate teacher says I have a really long reach for a girl)!

So I broke down yesterday and bought one of those things that allow you to keep your glasses around your neck. I am officially middle-aged.


  1. Did I say, you've plowed into middle age in a big way? (I say this cause I can't remember if I commented and I meant to.)

    I felt really middle-aged when I was forty and got my first bi-focals. THAT really made me feel like I'd smashed into middle aged like a mac truck.

  2. Dearest L,

    I finally access your 1 of 3 (shades of Star Trek N-G in the name?) blog after getting your email response to a message that I sent because family pressure to send, one of those awful forward-not forward things that only GOT sent along by me because Saint Theresa was involved (and, as you know, I'm not even Catholic, just hillbilly superstitious). My Dear. Nothing like braving the whole world's scrutiny when you decide to become a freelance writer!!!! When I began freelancing as a mother of an infant back in 1984 I only risked the ire of one editor at a time...You are brave. And: (b/c I promised critique) The prose is tight, taut, and, of course, with that humouro-Texan-tone that I adore, and want to see in more fora than this, dear Friend.... Outside, it is blizzarding as I write this, and I must return to feed the woodstove and deal with about 200 student papers as well as my own overdue writing deadlines....(WHY are they called DEAD lines...shall we re-name,to the positive, beneficient LIFE lines...??)So...a quick plea for positive energy, in a world so addicted to violence, and that you keep and elsewhere...we need to be inspired with your light and laughter.-D