Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Here are some things I am happy about.

I am not moving this summer - or trying to sell a house. Lots of folks in the blogosphere are doing one or the other and I’m terribly relieved that I am not one of them. Lefty and I have spent a lot (try 80%) of our summer vacations moving from one place to another. We have gotten very good at it. Still, whenever I see a moving truck of any sort I still say, “Oh look. Those poor people are moving…”

The Kid has finally finally settled into his summer program and is actually enjoying himself. The beginning of this little summer adventure was anything but smooth with much hyperventilating and tears and me driving to work with white knuckles. But now, things have actually mellowed out a bit and although I’m appalled at how much it’s costing us, (and equally glad that this won’t be an issue next year) I am happy to know he’s having fun while I’m at work this summer.

More on The Kid – he survived his first foray into the land of dental work, having some tiny pre-cavities filled before the sealants went on his permanent teeth. I was totally freaked out and obsessed over this. ( A nod of thanks to my younger sister Boots who always allows room for my totally neurotic craziness and loves me anyway. She is one of those people who when they say “everything will be alright” you really and truly believe them.)

Our vacation is fast approaching. Our very first family vacation (weekends excluded) which does not involve the aforementioned moving or a visit to see some portion of our extended family. This year it’s just the three of us off on our own little adventure. I can hardly wait.

And dear Lefty has gotten a few hits on his BandMix listing and is so happy about this that I can’t help but be happy too.

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