Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The First Grade Teacher

I’ve been thinking today about The Kid’s first grade teacher, wondering what she will be like. We liked his kindergarten teacher, though she was a little fundamentalist for my taste. She also made sarcastic asides to me and other parents several times - implying, I think, that she was not having very much fun, and as the mother of the kid who is the most fun in the world, I found this hard to understand. I also wondered about the appropriateness of making sarcastic comments to a parent in front of the kids. But The Kid loved her and now kindergarten is just part of our misty past and we are looking forward to the new teacher. The First Grade Teacher.

I’m hoping for someone who is enthusiastic and energetic. I want someone who cares about some of things I do. Someone who will encourage his love of reading and books and his magnificent certainty that he can do anything he puts his mind to. Someone who will teach him new things, and new words. His language is already full of odd musical, literary and microbiological references (thanks to his parent’s rather disparate interests). A previous pediatrician was actually “alarmed” by The Kid’s rather eclectic vocabulary.

I hope his first grade teacher is someone who will have fun with the class and not make sarcastic asides to the volunteer parents. Most of all, I think everyone wants a teacher who will see their child for the rather nifty kid they are. That’s really all I want.

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