Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I haven’t written anything in a couple of days. I felt mostly that my head is just so full of junk and minutiae that I wouldn’t be able to shake the cobwebs out and get a coherent thought down. It bugged me that I couldn’t think of anything to write about, made me feel sort of irritable and restless.

And then I remembered one of the reasons that I started this little blog was to have some accountability to my writing - to put myself in a situation where I had to write whether I felt like it or not and I wasn’t writing here because I didn’t feel like it - the very thing this blog was suppose to force me to work around!

There is not that much going on in my life. We have the usual work travails both mine and Lefty’s. The occasional distressing tale from my six year old in his summer program. I am so relieved that by this time next year, finding summer fun for The Kid will not be such an ordeal.

I think what is actually going on, and driving me to all kinds of distraction, is going on underground. Just below the radar is the rumbling of change. The more I think about quitting my job and going freelance the more terrified I become, the more convinced I am that it’s impossible and I am too lazy, disorganized or something to be able to pull it off. This kind of destructive thinking when I am months away from actually taking the plunge…

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