Thursday, July 12, 2007

Party for B at R and L's

We went to a party last night at our friends R & L’s house. They are wonderful and infinitely cool, yet they still like the not so particularly cool Lefty & me and invite us to parties even though we’re 10/11 years older than them. These are the highlights:

The Kid (who a year ago was so shy it hurt) playing party games with a gaggle of children he barely knew and enjoying himself and being a good sport when he did not win.

L tossing packages of hot dogs at R across the porch. She must have played softball because she has some serious arm.

R’s brisket which was the best.

L’s sangria and the fact that she gave me a bucket of it to take home. Yes, a bucket.

Confirmation from R that six is indeed the new terrible two’s but with more attitude.

We like R & L a lot. They are both smart, fun and kind, but the thing that attracts me to them most is that they like each other. They truly enjoy each other and that is sometimes hard to find out in parentland where the wives often all end up in the kitchen talking and the men end up in the backyard doing some man thing.

We had a blast and left before The Kid collapsed into a sweaty ball of exhaustion with, as I mentioned, a bucket of sangria. That’s what I call a party.

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  1. Dang, fun!!! When the kids are all getting along, and the grown-ups are getting along, there is nothing sweeter.