Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yoga with Max

When Max announced that he wanted to come to my yoga class with me this summer I wasn't sure what to think. He had come with me a couple of times before and enjoyed it but it was sort of a novelty and I wasn't sure if he could really commit to practicing the whole summer.

The other thing that gave me pause was this: I am very new to yoga. I'm a beginner. This means that sometimes in class I am clumsy and awkward. Sometimes I look up to see that I am way off base in a pose. Sometimes I fall out of tree pose and I often make this kind of "oof" sound as I come into downward dog.

Trying something new, being a beginner at something can be hard. Allowing yourself to actually be bad at something can be hard. Doing these things in front of your kid is even harder. We talk the talk about risk and vulnerability and trying things that do not come easy all the time with Max. With yoga, it was obviously an opportunity to walk the walk.

So we are practicing yoga together this summer. We roll our mats out side by side on Tuesday mornings and it is already such an incredible gift. I have been able to share the things I struggle with and be proud of the things I've gotten better at. (You should have seen my awesome planks this morning!)

At an age where your parents can be a little embarrassing, Max is willing to be with me in the sometimes struggle, sometimes awkward of yoga class and that makes me very happy.


  1. Good for you, taking that risk!
    My teenage sons considered smirking when SuperDad & I were practicing yoga in the living room, but once they accepted the challenge to try it themselves, they agreed it was a workout -- even though I am terrible at planking and downward dog.

  2. Emotionally moving and amaing.
    Wonderfully written true to the story.

  3. Love that you're doing yoga. Me too.