Saturday, June 9, 2012

Things You Say Out Loud

Heather invited me to be Derfwad of the Week over at her place and I said yes, because I like and admire Heather and I think very highly of the community she has created in her little corner of the web.

So I am picking out a photo or two and writing this little piece about myself today and I'm struggling with how I present myself. It is difficult to find the right tone when it comes to talking/writing about yourself. I am writing honestly about who I am and what I believe but I am leaving out a few of the less shiny details.

 So, in the spirit of full disclosure, here are the less shiny things I am leaving out:

I am socially anxious. I have a temper. I am a notoriously bad housekeeper. Until very recently, I did not own an iron. My desk is usually a mess. I have a compressed nerve in my neck that I have to treat pretty gingerly. I have forgotten almost all of my college Spanish. I watch Glee. I struggle every day with writing and finding time to write. At present, we are being tormented by a couple of rogue mosquitoes that found their way into the house. I am a little bit in love with my smart phone.

Okay, I feel a bit better now. Carry on.


  1. "less shiny" and yet, still very important!!
    i look forward to reading what you write....shoot, i look forward to everything you write!!

    i also love that picture. do you ever look at those and think to yourself "holy hell! when did i get so short?" and yes, i know, i could also think "when did issei/koji get so tall?" but, really? sometimes, it's all about me!
    Your young man is getting so tall....i love having a front row seat to the show of "how our kids are growing up".
    thanks for the ticket!

    have a great weekend!!!

    1. Yeah, he is growing like a weed!

      Have a lovely weekend yourself...

    2. Well, you are certainly growin' like one!

  2. I love reading everything you write, too! Especially the less shiny stuff!

  3. Ah, ironing is over rated. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Love the Zora quote in the header!

  4. Hiya!!!
    Nice blog you've got here ::looking around, checking in the medicine cabinet and in the closet::

    (Visiting from the Manor)

  5. The first three and the last one are me, as well :-)

  6. Laura, your less-shiny-things make me like you even more.
    Consider me another notoriously bad housekeeper who struggled with finding words to describe herself at the Manor. I'm so glad there will be housekeepers at the Women's Colony someday! (There will be good housekeepers so we won't have to worry about it, right??)

  7. Laura - we have a ton in common - shiny and not so shiny!! I am hosting Mrs. G in Houston - let's talk and plan!!! I am going to try and connect with you on Facebook..

    (from my beloved smart-phone...)

  8. oops - signed in with my daughters google account (see above) now I'm in mine. My blog is sorely neglected.