Thursday, January 6, 2011


We are slowly (painfully & slowly) making progress figuring out Frank's food allergies. This is the inevitable dance of food allergies where it is a step or two forward then a step back. We are trying to hit a constantly moving target. Some days are great and everything feels good and normal and then he suffers a setback and we are in emergency mode all over again.

(The literature on adult food allergies suggest that this trial and error is the most accurate way to find out which foods you are reacting to. Skin test are notoriously unreliable and the blood tests currently in use aren't much better.)

We have a small list of foods we consider safe, mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, brown rice. The difficult thing is to try something new, to willing add something to the mix that might make Frank miserable. We all hold our breath.

Last night on Facebook I admitted the allergies were kicking my ass and then like a beacon in the fog, I heard from several people with suggestions and ideas and encouragement. It is, I propose, what social networks are best at: that quick, heart-warming offer of aid and information.

Today was a better day. My ass feels a bit less kicked. So thank you, friends of mine, for your care and concern and advice. You made my day today.


  1. I have lots and lots of info on gluten allergies, if that is what is determined. And, I have a vegetarian cookbook. Let me know how I can help. Stacey

  2. I'm so glad others were able to help...may this trial & error phase pass quickly!!

  3. We went through something similar with my husband who developed an unexplainable rash over most of his body. We eliminated food and switched nearly all household products. It turned out to be the down in our comforter and pillows. Hang in there. Good luck woman!