Friday, July 9, 2010

Some Things

Our plumbago, that we assumed was killed by the one-two punch of last summer's drought plus the handful of hard freezes this winter, has come back and there was much rejoicing.

I have been writing 750 words a day over at instead of doing morning pages. It's kind of a blast.

Max & I have been working out together at the Y - also kind of a blast.

After more than a couple of years of being a one car family, and more than a year of knowing that we really needed an additional way to get around, we bought a motorcycle. Frank still wants to ride his bicycle when the weather's hospitable but now he has an alternative on those hot summer days.

I am a little bit in love with Google Chrome.

Max has been lobbying for a new computer (and more specifically a Mac) for over two years and finally his dreams are coming true. We are expecting the FedEx truck to deliver his new iMac any day now.

As a result of the computer purchase I got a free iPod touch. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.
Good or Evil?