Wednesday, July 14, 2010

25 Things I Know Now as a Parent

Inspired by Jen Lemen at PBS Supersisters.

A little structure can be reassuring for everyone.
Never turn down the offer of a hug.
Playing music you love for your child is one of the best things in the world (whether they like it or not).
You can never tell what your kid will remember.
Always admit your mistakes.
No one gets tired of hearing they are loved.
"Take a deep breath" is usually good advice.
If I trust my intuition I will not regret it.
Sometimes a nap is all you need.
Let your child teach you something.
Things always look better in the morning.
Listen first.
Build solitude (for everyone) into your schedule.
Find value in what your child loves.
Show, don't tell.
Ask for what you need.
Embrace differences.
Walk away when you have to - just don't go very far.
Stop and smell whatever there is to smell.
Ignore eye rolling as often as you possibly can.
Say yes as often as you can.
Honor your family traditions.
Disappointment is often a lesson in disguise.
Slow down as often as you can.
Practice doesn't make perfect. Practice makes better.


  1. Parenting is "on the job" training, no? Good points all.

  2. Hi -- these are wonderfully succinct! Many of them resonate deeply with me.

    I'm playing along, too, and put mine up on my site.


  3. What a wonderful list, do different from mine and yet I can relate :)

  4. Oh, yes! I think I'll print this out and stick it up on the wall...

    Wacky Mommy sent me here!


  5. Aren't you so sweet? Sharing blog posts and saving the world? Ha ha, just kidding.

    Hope you had a spectacular weekend.

  6. Oops, that comment above was for Wacky Mommy....she and I have this sarcasm thing going....didn't notice I had page flipped. SORRY!

  7. Oh, I like this! (And I'm feeling reassured about the eye-rolling one--so relieved that Nathan isn't the only one!!!!) Lovely!!