Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Trivia

For those of you who might have missed the announcement on Facebook, Max fell in love with an electric guitar on Saturday.

After the initial blah of dealing with the time change yesterday (what time is it really? am I hungry? sleepy?) I woke up today feeling fantastic. I love to see the sun up and shining in the morning and I actually enjoy the way darkness falls a bit earlier. It makes dinner seem cozy. Give me more candlelight!

I am looking for a good chicken florentine recipe. I have one of the few eight year olds on the planet who will willing eat spinach, as long as it is "in stuff." Salad, yes. Pasta, yes. Big green pile on a plate, not so much.

Have we always started counting down the days until Christmas immediately after Halloween?

Full moon tonight. Wherever you are, go out. Look up.


  1. Maybe I'll take a quick walk around the neighborhood just to see the moon. I could use the break.

  2. Okay...that was me.

    apathy lounge