Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Roundup

We had perfect weather for Halloween. Cool temps and a nearly full moon high in the sky.

We carved our pumpkin in the afternoon. We learned the hard way not to carve our pumpkins in advance. The south Texas heat can turn a carved pumpkin into pumpkin soup in an hour or two. As you can see, Frank is the master carver.

Max and I just drew on our pumpkins.

After dinner Max and Frank headed off into the night. I stayed home and gave out candy. I gave out every piece of candy we had and didn't' see one single parent talking on their cell phone while their kid was saying "trick or treat."

When Frank and Max returned we sat out in the almost chilly night air and greeted the last of the trick or treaters from the porch.

That's my favorite Halloween tradition.

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