Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Knock on Wood

We haven't had the flu yet. (I realize by saying this out loud I may open some karmic portal to influenza hell but I'm knocking on wood and hoping for the best.)

H1N1 has been rampant here in San Antonio. Today's paper says the occurrence rate is going down for the first time since the outbreak started, surely that's a good thing. This week one class at Max's school was down to 10 students, almost half out with the flu.

I know a lot about viruses and disease. Remember, Frank is a microbiologist. I know so much about pandemics that I don't know how I can sleep at night. Volunteering in Max's class this morning, the student sitting next to me sneezed and I just shuddered imagining the germ spray.

Yes, we had our seasonal flu shots. We get them every year because Max has a touch of asthma and is prone to pneumonia. Frank works with germy college students all day long and I will do almost anything to avoid getting sick. If H1N1 vaccine becomes available here, Max may be the only one who can get it.

So here's our family secret to avoiding the flu thus far: we are crazy, paranoid hand washers. We wash our hands all the time. I include a little hand wipe in Max's lunch box so he can wipe his hands down before lunch and we wash, wash, wash with soap and water all day long.

I'm glad we haven't gotten it, and I worry about Max getting it. I assume Frank & I will be cranky and miserable but generally okay. Isn't what's scary about this flu that it seems to be more dangerous to little children?

So we haven't had it. I hope we don't get it and if you or your children do get it (I'm looking at you, Boots and you, Nancy) I wish you a quick recovery, fever meds that really work and a never ending supply of popsicles.

PS - Please don't leave horror stories about vaccines in the comments, that would just be mean. We made an informed decision for our child and for us. I would not begin to assume that I know what's best for anyone else. I promise.


  1. Crazy stuff - they're offering the H1N1 vaccine in Aviva's school (where Pearl can also receive it). We are going to do it, and to tell you the truth I am NOT doing a ton of research/reading, because I know if I do I will only end up feeling confused. Glad you are all well...

  2. thanks, sweetie. we're just now coming up for air over here. feeling a little better, but just exhausted.

  3. My younger son, Carter, had the Novel A flu last June. And it was really, really mild. He had some headaches, a little bit of fever, and cold symptoms basically. What was worse (for him) was having to stay out of school and jukido and away from people generally for 7 whole days. My older son, Ethan, is considered "high risk" since he (like Max) has a touch of asthma, and everything goes straight to his chest - he's had pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, scarlet fever, etc. I hope everyone who has "it" gets better soon, and those who don't have "it" stay lucky. And everyone who wants a vaccine can get it!