Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One Moment

I had this spectacular moment on Sunday.

I was standing beside Frank at the birthday party for Max's best friend. There was no warning, no thunder clap, nothing dramatic. One minute everything was ordinary, and the next it wasn't.

It was as if for a moment something cosmic clicked into place, as if for a moment the universe was harmonizing with me, with us, Frank beside me, Max laughing. It was as if I was precisely where I was supposed to be, in exactly the right place.

And then the moment passed.

I used to have moments like this a lot more often. It has been years, I can't even remember the last time I had one.

But here's what I think: I think these moments of harmony, of resonance, of convergence happen a lot more often than we realize. To know them, to experience them, we just have to be paying attention.

I lucked out on Sunday. I was tuned in. I felt it. I can still feel a little leftover buzz from it.

And I want to figure out what's keeping me from that feeling, what's distracting me. I want to clear those distractions out of my head and make room for more moments just like that one.


  1. oh yes...we so often the the white noise in our lives keep us from noticing the simplest blessings!

  2. Virginia Woolf said the "cotton wool of daily life" got in the way of her writing at times. I think it gets in the way of actually living, at times. What a joy when the wool is swept to the side long enough to fully experience living!

  3. me too, i want to tune into those...