Sunday, July 12, 2009


After dinner last night, I heard a strange sound, half-gurgle, half-thunk. I called Frank thinking that the air conditioner was making a funny sound. (It's been over 100 degrees for three weeks in a row, though I weep at the thought of the electric bill, the last thing we need is strange noises coming from the AC.) We stood there, straining, listening to the sound and Max walked up behind us, listened for two seconds and said, "It's raining."

We are in the grips of a historic drought, stage two water restrictions with stage three looming any day now. It has been a while since the last time we had 10 minutes of rain, so long it seems we had forgotten what rain sounds like.

We had about twenty minutes of steady rain. We ran outside and played in it, trying to appreciate every single moment of wet as our crunchy lawn soaked up every single drop.


  1. How wonderful! I think I'll just go sit in the rain when it happens here. That is, if I can keep myself from dancing.

  2. We danced - but it was over waaay too soon.

    Surely we will be out of this ferocious weather pattern soon!

  3. It rained on the first day of camp and we were thrilled!!! We awoke at 2 a.m to the sounds of thunder and lightning and then snuggled back into our bunks until the alarms went off. It rained (Bosque County) until well past noon which gave our eyes a rest from the glaring sun. Wonderful!