Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Not Writing, Knitting

I'm not writing very much right now.

I have become more comfortable with this particular part of my process over the last few years and no longer wring my hands, gnash my teeth and worry that I'll never write again. I know it's just a part of the ebb and flow of my creative process.

So when the tide goes out, I read good writing and make sure I sit quietly in front of the page for a little while every day. If I don't write anything, I don't panic. I just come back the next day until eventually a little idea lights on my shoulder.

Another thing I do when I'm not writing much is knit. I finished the socks I've been working on.

And yes, for those of you keeping score, I finished the first sock a thousand years ago but then came down with a bad case of second sock syndrome.

Now I've started knitting the prototype for what may very well be my hand made Christmas gift this year. It's a market tote bag, kind of european in design with a lace stitch pattern that may drive me insane. I'm going to knit one and give it to The Kid for the durability test and if it passes, knit a slew of them between now and December.

Meanwhile, I'm coming back to the page every morning.


  1. A page a day sounds good to me! I think I've been taking photographs rather than writing lately.

  2. nice lookin' socks you got there


  3. And your feet look pretty in the socks, too. :) Alas, I am no sock model. :(

  4. Ah, Laura. I bet if I knit you some socks your feet would look good in them.

    Thanks for "surfacing" over here. These comments from you are like sunshine!

  5. Lovely...I like that, "coming back to the page"...gentle, non-critical...

    And those socks? Have you considered opening an etsy shop? I'd totally buy a pair...

  6. I know you are a busy girl, but have you read The Friday Night Knitting Club? I think you would like it!