Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lefty's Back

This guy is back from almost a week in Philadelphia

and we are pretty happy about that.


  1. I'm happy for you guys that Lefty is back! Mark has been home since, hmm, Monday? He goes back to Hot Springs on Tuesday morning. My head is spinning. Have a Happy holiday weekend! :)

    Trying to dig myself out and reemerge,


  2. Once you start living with children it's strange how their departure (even for a week) changes the chemistry of the house. Everythings strange...even the silence. You think you'll be able to go back to the way it was before kids, but you can't. You are forever changed. As a person and as a couple. Glad the boy is back.

  3. I've been begging for "The Other Laura" to call Lefty! It's true.

  4. 我想成人光碟不知道好不好看。