Sunday, April 26, 2009

Boys of Summer

What do you do on a Saturday evening when the wind is whipping the trees around outside and you should be inside unpacking boxes(still) and finding that thing that you've been looking for all week but still haven't found?

Well, if you are us, you go to a baseball game.

It was fireworks night at out local minor league stadium and we could not resist. Boxes and obligations be damned – we watched some baseball.

Post-cotton candy.

A tense moment for the home team.

Boxes, what boxes?


  1. that last picture just makes me grin from ear to ear! what boxes?

  2. Thanks! We had sooo much fun and Max was up later than he has ever been before!

  3. Sometimes after (or even before) a move, you just have to walk away. And what better way to while away a lovely spring day than to watch baseball? I think you definitely have your priorities just right!

  4. Thanks, Michelle. We had a great time!