Friday, March 13, 2009

Missing Maine

We've had two days of cold rain here in San Antonio. Temperatures hovering in the 40's and it makes me miss living in Maine.

There is something in the air in Maine, sometimes in March, sometimes not until mid-April. It is kind of a damp wind, not warm, still very cold - but there's an undertone, a hint of the warmth to come.

That's the way it feels here today. It is cold and damp but Spring's breath is blowing in my ear. Walking out this morning I could almost feel the crunch of a Maine sidewalk beneath my feet. If I close my eyes, it's like I'm almost there.


  1. Happy, happy spring to you. Guess we're sharing the rain, how exciting!

  2. I'm sitting here in my pjs, enjoying a rainy day myself...spring is the best--and I'm so glad you get to enjoy it, too!!

  3. Thanks! We had a very mellow spring break. It was a reconnection we all really needed.