Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dispatch from Spring Break

We are in the middle of Spring Break over here and while today is cold and rainy, there is no doubt that spring has sprung.

These blooms give off a lemony kind of scent that I love.

Also a clear sign of the times, The Kid is clamoring for a haircut. Here's one last look (for now) at this fine fine head of hair.

We've been doing our usual spring breaky kind of things - lots of cooking out and backyard playing. The Kid has also been recording and mixing down some songs using Garage Band.

He is quite the rocker these days.


  1. this is my kind of spring break. kid = too cute. and already mixing it up on garage band. i love it!

  2. Thanks, Brene! I hope your boy is feeling better and has gotten over the dread-bark-like-a-seal cough.

  3. the kid rocks!!!!!

  4. I can't believe you have flowers blooming!

    Rock on Kid!

  5. Yes. Spring is quick and fleeting here in South Texas. We are under the gun to get tomatoes in the ground in the next week or so.

  6. He is so dang cute. Don't tell him I said so. Tell him I said he looks tough. "Tough enough, Ponyboy." hahaha.

    and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you two.

  7. He would much rather be tough than cute. Ah, boys!


  8. Hi there. I saw your comment on The Women's Colony today. Love these photos of your son. I always wanted a red-headed child but instead got a brunette girl and a sandy-haired boy. But my boy had a head of hair like your son. I cried when he recently cut it off.

    Please feel free to stop by sometime if you get a chance.