Thursday, February 12, 2009


I had a great day on Monday. I listened to music. I took a very long walk and I had an awesome hair day.

Yes, the stars aligned and the humidity dropped, the elements converged in perfect harmonic good-hair-day-ness and my unruly hair looked incredible.

The only problem was there was no one around to see it.Unfortunately, my tripod was missing in action and I discovered that photographing your own hair without a tripod is sketchy business.

You can kind of get a sense of it here.

Then the humidity rose half a degree and my hair was a mess again.

The End.


  1. The stars aligned! :)

    Beautiful, Botticelli hair! Tell me how it fares on Friday the 13th. ;)

  2. Thanks Laura.

    Right now I've got paint in my hair from making 2nd grade play costumes yesterday.

    Whats in your hair today?

  3. You've got the hair that I've always passionately longed for--I feel no sympathy! ;)

  4. Thanks, Karen although really, most days it's like having a cranky small animal sitting on my head all day.

    I am continually amazed at your rising word count. What's the writing like for you? Or perhaps you don't want to talk about it for fear of jinxing?