Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Special Guest Post: Math Crisis

Today The Kid is standing in with a special guest post. Because I got nothing, nada, zip. So please enjoy this exciting tale of after school second grade fun.

Today was Math Club. When I was walking towards the dismissal area I remembered it was Math Club. I ran back to the cafeteria where Math Club takes place. Naman said he would meet me there, however, after a few minutes he did not arrive. So, this is what I did.

I told the teacher that I was going to find him. I got back to the second grade hall, then Iasked Mrs. Beach if she had found him. Then I went back to Math Club. I saw a few friends on the way and there I was.

After that, I played a little bit of a game, then Naman eventually arrived.



  1. Well, I think that a tracking chip implanted in Naman will save you time and trouble! :)

    Was Math Club fun?

  2. Even the fact that I don't get what you mean by tracking chip, math club was fun.

    The Kid!

  3. Did you hear on the news about that cat they found, after 13 years? The vet scanned it for a microchip implanted under it's skin, and the chip had information that was able to lead them to the cat's owners.

    I can't find a link to that story, but here is a similar one from last year. This must happen a lot. :/

  4. The Club part sounds fun, but not so much the part about Math. I'm terrible at math. Be extra glad that you're good at it.

  5. Hey kid. Tell you mom I like her new socks!