Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some Days are Better than Others

Skin cancer screening today and I am awesomely cancer free. Hooray!

There were a couple of pre-cancerous lesions on the backs of my hands. It has never dawned on me to use sunscreen on a daily basis on the backs of my hands but I guess I'll be doing that now. She froze the spots with liquid nitrogen and I'm now sporting some gigantic blisters. They're gross. I'm tempted to take a picture because they're really big and very very gross, but I like you, so I won't.

I had a half hour long less than successful parenting moment with The Kid today and I have a migraine.

Some days are better than others.


  1. While I wasn't there for the parenting moment (big mathbio discussions afoot at work), I was on hand (heehee) for the deflation of the gigantic blister---corny dad jokes...


  2. Yaay for cancer free!! Bummer for less than successful parenting moment...was it one of those things best not shared?

    I had an awkward parenting moment yesterday--Nathan actually made the leap and asked "How did the baby GET in the tummy?" Pausing to wonder why I hadn't decided on how I was going to handle this BEFORE I got asked, I started off with "Well, the Daddy..." and then he interrupted to yell at me because I was pushing the microwave button when that it HIS job. I've never welcomed a minor meltdown more...

  3. I'm so glad you had a great report. Yippee!! (Are there two p's in Yippee?)

    I had some serious parenting moments yesterday - single parenting moments - since dh is away on a business trip. Until tomorrow night. Argh!

    I hope to head off any potential crises today by bribing with Bakugan. And donuts. And tacos.

    Wish me luck!

  4. Wait. Karen has a baby in her tummy? Never mind, I'll ask Nathan.

    Oh, so sorry about the parenting moment. I have lots of those I'd rather forget from years past.

    Yay! For the cancer-free part! Poor blisters ... Liquid nitrogen, huh? That sounds painful! Take care of yourself. xxxooo

  5. Oh, thanks Lefty for your ace blister advice. No one sterilizes a needle like you!

    Karen, I got so frustrated, I chucked The Kid's lunchbox across the room - NOT at The Kid, sort of at the laundry room door. The lunchbox survived and I got to talk about how mom's sometimes make bad decisions, just like kids.

    Ah, Michele, I did make spaghetti & meatballs - his favorite - to make amends.

    Laura, the nitrogen on my hands was awful but these little precancer patches are so very minor, I scoffed at the pain - ha!
    The great thing about the awful parenting moment was that it turned into a good parenting moment and we kissed and made up and ate spaghetti!

  6. Laura, I'm glad your test had a happy result, sorry you had to have the other stuff removed, ick.

    We all have those parenting lows!