Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Self Portrait

I stop by Shutter Sisters almost every day. I don't always run and grab my camera, but sometimes I do. Even when I don't, I look at my world a little differently afterwards.

Here are my two images from today's self portrait challenge. I'm still working on creating a diptych in photoshop. (The book is open on my lap as we speak.)


  1. Very cool! Love the pink tennies. . . .

  2. Are they pink? I'm on the kitchen computer with the lousy monitor and they look faded red. (My kids used to joke about "lightish red" -- something to do with Halo, the vid game, and one of the tough guys having pink armor. "It's not PINK. It's lightish RED!")

    Nice photos. I like visiting Shutter Sisters, but always forget to.

  3. Thanks, you'all!

    The sneakers used to be red but I must admit they are leaning toward pink these days. I will henceforth describe them as "lightish red".

    I hate photoshop. It is the least intuitive software I have ever tried to use. Of course, I'm working with an old, old version. Maybe it's better now?

  4. These are delightful--head to toes Laura!! My kind of woman...