Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Hot Beverage Episode

1. I cannot make tea in the microwave. My water must be boiled in a kettle on the stove. I will occasionally gently reheat tea in the microwave (15 seconds tops) but I prefer not to.

2. I once lived in a house with a woodstove and I loved setting my coffee cup down on the front of the stove on those cold Maine mornings and letting FIRE keep my coffee warm. (I melted the soles right off my favorite pair of Keds that winter by putting my feet too close.)

3. I have a friend who used to put vanilla ice cream in her coffee.

4. Sometimes Lefty pours a cup of coffee then goes off to work without drinking it or remembering to take it with him. When this happens I usually call him and we have a short conversation about his sad, abandoned cup of coffee.


  1. 1. I am not a fan of tea, but I don't like reheating my coffee in the microwave, either.
    2.Oh! Maine! Oh! Woodstove! Oh! Envy!.
    3. Owen put a scoop in his hot chocolate the other day.
    4. That is sad, but, even if he came back for it, he'd have to microwave it, and that is yucky.

  2. I am a picky tea drinker. Only herbal lemon tea and apple tea, occasionally mint.

  3. I'm with you Laura - I come from a long line of Brits (on one side) and must have boiling water for my tea. we part ways on the kind of tea, though . . .I'm not an herbal tea fan, just strong, black tea for me!

    I had a roommate who would make a cup of instant coffee, then set it down to cool while she showered. It got cold and the milk sort of congealed and I still think it's disgusting 30 years later!

  4. I've turned up here because of the Na BloPoMo blogroll. I'm such a tea fan and love my kettle! But I am a slow drinker and it is sad when it gets cold!

  5. Hi Jennette! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I can't microwave my tea, either--I bought an electric kettle for the job--and it drives me INSANE when my mother-in-law visits, ignores the kettle, and then sticks her cup of water in the microwave. Wrong, I want to shout.

    I feeling jealous about that woodstove, too. Want.

    I've not put ice cream in my coffee, but I DO enjoy putting a big fat dollop of real whipped cream in my coffee (a lesson learned from my mother).

    And oh, the sad cup of coffee...past its prime, unfulfilled...

    I really like simple posts like this!!