Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holidays By Hand Knitting Projects

I'm a relative newcomer to the knitting world. I started knitting a few years ago and I taught myself, by reading a book (gasp). So I'm telling you, if you want to knit something for the holidays, you still have time to LEARN HOW TO KNIT and KNIT SOMETHING!

Go out and buy this book. It includes everything you need to knit six great projects. The book will teach you how to start (cast on) and how to finish (cast off) and every little stitch in between. The directions are illustrated and painstakingly detailed. If you need more visual assistance, the web is full of sites like this to help you through. So remember even if you didn't learn to knit at your grandmother's knee, or your mother's for that matter, you can knit if you want to. It's not brain surgery – it is tying knots with string and sticks and anyone can do it.

One other point, knitters love to talk to other knitters about knitting. Anyone who knits will surely be happy to pass along some of their knitterly wisdom.

Now, here's my favorite scarf pattern. Cast on twenty stitches. Knit every row until the scarf is as long as you'd like. Cast off. Wear hand knit scarf with pride. It's what all the cool Jedi will be wearing this season!

Here's the roundup of holiday knitting projects.

Cheryl at Ink & Paper has knitted some precious wee slippers. (You have to scroll down to find them.) I'm sure she'd fork over the details if you ask nicely.

Melanie of In Search of Wonder has a pattern for a Christmas stocking ornament.

Nicki at Domestic Cents turned a knitting mishap into a beautiful hat for her daughter. Knitting is a forgiving art.

Kelly of how I knit to stay sane has knit a lovely Christmas stocking. What goodies could Santa stash in those beauties?

Katherine of Curiositys has knit a beautiful, flowing lap blanket.

Ann at Vintage Mommy has some clever ways to use up yarn from your stash.

Don't forget next Tuesday, December 2nd when Nicole at Gidget Goes Home will host Holidays By Hand and feature QUILTING projects. Contact Nicole at nicoleviola at gmail.com to participate.


  1. How does the book do explaining decreasing? My mother keeps after me to learn how to knit the American way (she learned the German way--apparently there's a difference and it makes it so that it's hard for her to follow the directions in American patterns), so I can show her. Of course, I keep pointing out to her that she's retired and she could actually take a class herself...

  2. I've finished two scarves and now I'm doing a washcloth. Anything more complicated and my head explodes.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to my Texas peeps!

  4. Karen, if the book doesn't explain decreasing I can explain it to you and even make a video if you'd like. So don't hesitate to ask. ( but don't let knitting become and excuse not to write!)

    Hey APATHY, I looove washcloths and scarves. They are my bread and butter knitting projects. I always have a washcloth going.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mrs. G. Enjoy all those blessings...

  5. I never realized that there wasn't a pic on the post with the mini stocking ornaments - so I added some. I had the pics on another post.

    Happy Thanksgiving! : )