Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The Kid's elementary school held their carnival this weekend. We spent the morning deep in thought, preparing for the fun to come.

As you may remember from last year, the biggest attraction at the carnival is the tent where they sell cans of silly string. The kids chased each other around and spray silly string in each other's hair. (I shudder to think what silly string must be made of and how very very bad it must be for the environment.)

There were water pistols filled with magic disappearing ink. I only used my ink in self defense.

There was a dunking booth. The Kid dunked but was not a dunkee. You should of seen the water in the tank, it was gray and beyond gross. I'm married to a microbiologist – we don't dunk our child in a tank of bacteria.

Argh. My computer just ate the rest of this very charming blog post. Vista, how do you torment me? Let me count the ways.

I may have annoyed The Kid at one point. (This is exactly the same face I made at my laptop when it chowed half of my post for breakfast.)

I spent a good deal of time just watching The Kid run and play, amazed that this incredible, happy child is mine.
Lucky me.


  1. i'm glad to hear that there are people out there who realize how gross things can be. so happy to know your child did not go into the tank.

  2. Ethan's school had a harvest festival a few weeks back. I was on the verge of making him go into a bounce house with his brother, when his dad realized that Ethan wanted to go & be with his friends instead. And he went off - without us - with nary a backward glance. I watched my grown up boy from a distance for the rest of the night. Then he sat next to a girl on the hayride. YIKES!

  3. "I'm married to a microbiologist – we don't dunk our child in a tank of bacteria."

    Heehee. Wonder if the dunk tank would attract a lot of kids if it had a barker, yelling, "Step right up, kids, and dunk your science teacher, Mr. Percy, in the tank teeming with pernicious bacteria and harmful micro-organisms!" Wait. Is that redundant? "Then dunk your English teacher, Mrs. Ratchet!"

    Looks like a fun afternoon -- beautiful weather! :)

  4. What fun! Good call on the dunk tank. You, know The Kid is looking older these days. More angles in his face. Nice.

  5. Hi Ruthykins. Thanks for stopping by...

    Michele, The Kid chased down a TEENAGE GIRL and sprayed her with silly string. I was stunned.

    Laura, Hey! You're using your new picture. I love it.

    Mrs. G, What's up with our boys suddenly looking older??

  6. We just had our carnival too. I didn't go, though. I have no more kids at that school (even though I work there now) and I've done my time.

  7. Lucky you, indeed!

    I agree about the Kid looking older--when the heck did that happen? Ack!! Time slipping away!!