Friday, October 31, 2008




this, equals


and this

and this.

Happy Halloween!


  1. wow Laura those are amazing! My husband was threatening to get out the power tools this year, but he relented. He did manage to carve the Obama sunrise logo-thingy into one pumpkin - a popular theme in our neighborhood.

    It's pouring rain here and VG has been home sick all week, so it might not be a super-happy Halloween chez nous . . . we'll see.

  2. Those are awesome! Ours is a sad little attempt in comparison (but I still like it). :o)

  3. I let Halloween crawl past this year. We have one uncarved pie pumpkin moldering on the dining room table. The boys would even wear capes this year, when they went to a friend's Halloween party.

    Those pumpkins are so cool! The pirate ship and the witch! And look how happy and proud The Kid looks, carving. :)

  4. Thanks, Laura. The Kid was very very proud and displayed a huge amount of patience carving the pumpkins. Of course the weather turned warm and they started to mold very quickly - they barely made it through Friday night!

    I am acutely aware that as he grows up Halloween will become less magical for him. We try to squeeze in as much magic as we can - for as long as he'll put up with it!

  5. VM, I've seen several Obama pumpkins. I waish I'd thought of that!

    And Lainey, I'm sure your pumpkins are lovely. I actually drew a face on a smallish pumpkin with a sharpie!